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New Video: Nicki Minaj

Rap ingenue Nicki Minaj is flying high off her VMA win, so much so that she’s released a new video for “Fly” which features her BFF Rihanna. The video, her fourth from Pink Friday, comes as a surprise since it seemed Nicki was done promoting the album. All of her current interviews seem to focus more on her next album and her tour; however, it seems that Nicki is trying to make Pink Friday double platinum as news has it she’s preparing a fifth video for “Roman’s Revenge”.

I follow Nicki on Twitter and it seems that her fans are all impressed by the video. Some even called it the best they’ve seen so far this year while others play are more subtle role and say she was just beautiful. I agree more with the latter. The video, for me, showcased how gorgeous she actually is. With several costume changes came several outrageous hairstyles but her short, pink ,pixy cut was my favorite as it framed her face and showed she really is a gorgeous girl.

The video, on the other hand, left me a little lacklustered. The storyline was completely inferred and nothing concrete came from it. Not to mention there’s a completely irrelevant fight scene that seemed to have been placed last minute just to placate Nicki’s need to show off her acting chops. Rihanna’s cameos were just plain boring and left me wondering why it took so long to edit the video. The pair shot scenes long before Rihanna even shot “S&M”. She’s had three other videos since then, and Nicki has had one.

Check out the video here:


So, I know this is about a day late, but still thought I’d partake in a little VMA-mania. These are the five things I learned from this years VMA’s:

1. Beyonce is preggers.

O, you thought Beyonce was just a normal celebrity huh? Clearly, you are wrong! See, a normal celebrity would confirm to US Weekly that she and her rap superstar beau are expecting a bundle of joy. No, Beyonce had to make the visual announcement at arguably one of the biggest award shows of the year. At the beginning of her performance, Beyonce alludes to her pregnancy stating “I want y’all to feel the love that’s growing inside of me” before giving an amazing performance of “Love on Top”. The singer ends the performance by unplugging her ears, dropping her mic, and opening her tuxedo jacket to show off her baby bump. While this was cute, Jay-Z and Kanye’s reaction to the unveiling upstaged the entire performance. Why? Because they genuinely looked happy as can be! Kanye jumped up and down while patting Jay-Z’s back congratulating him. It was sweet to see two men so enthused by her pregnancy.

2.       Katy Perry is rude or just doesn’t care

Katy Perry and Kanye West won for Best Collaboration. During their acceptance speech, Katy Perry was downright rude to her collaborator. First, she mentioned his Taylor Swift incident by saying “now’s the time to interrupt me” to which Kanye tried to laugh off. Seemingly not getting his awkward laugh, Katy went on to say “you never forget your first moonman” as if to suggest Kanye hadn’t won one before. Too bad she was flat out wrong! Kanye responded with “this isn’t my first one” still being polite as ever. Katy didn’t even apologize. She just shook it off and kept going. So either she just made an honest mistake or she just didn’t give a fuck. Besides, she ties Michael Jackson with the number of #1 singles so who needs to be nice?

3.  Lady GaGa and Nicki Minaj are on drugs or have horrible friends that tell them they look good

Ok these two shocked me for all the wrong reasons. Lady GaGa showed up dressed as her male alter ego, Joe Calderone. Who, as she describes, is a Jersey Italian that’s “not a fucking Guido”. I thought this was just a part of her performance and that she’d change into some awkwardly gorgeous dress by the end of the night. I was wrong. Or, maybe I was right! Maybe for GaGa, the entire event was a performance because she stayed in character the entire show! Also, it seems that Joe is a drunk and will fall of a piano just like his host (GaGa). Next up is the ridiculously dressed Nicki Minaj. Seriously, what the hell did she have on? It was like she was involved in a train wreck with Sanrio and Beanie Babies. Stop it.

4.  Adele is too real

Let’s start with the fact that she had the very best performance of the night. Yet, her performance didn’t need dancers or fireworks or anything. It was simply her, a piano, and that voice! So that could be one main reason I think she’s too real, but then I wouldn’t be me. Why do I think Adele is too real? Her damn facial expressions as she’s in the audience! They were priceless! They were endearing, funny, and downright hysterical at some points. MTV panned to Adele about 6 times and each time she gave a great face. She sang along to Beyonce, scowled at Bruno Mars, and looked annoyed as shit by Chris Brown. In short, she’s just too damn real for MTV to actually pan to her throughout a show. I loved every moment of it!

5. The VMA’s are not about awards

This was made very clear Sunday night. Why? Well the awards lasted a total of 2 hours and only 10 awards were given. None of the highlights were from acceptance speeches and nearly no memorable moments were from actual winners. It also doesn’t help that there is no actual venue on MTV to show the music videos that are receiving awards. And Jessie J’s tired ass singing random covers in between takes for no damn reason is just sad.

The Brits are back!! From Jessie J to Adele, the Brits are taking over the airwaves once more. R&B Songtress, and Kanye protege, Melanie Fiona refused to miss the party and has released the first single from her sophomore album. The track “4AM” seems to be a step up in the production from her last album while the raw edge of her vocals stay in tact. I’m so happy she didn’t pull a Leona Lewis and go straight to the left! She seems to understand why she was such a hit in the first place, and is using all her best attributes to her advantage.

The mid tempo track, produced by Rico Love, tells the story of a sad and lonely Melanie. She’s sitting in her man’s bed, drinking on some drank, and waiting for him to come home. Guess what time it is? YES! 4 AM!!! Each verse uses a soft Melanie while the choruses draw on the powerhouse notes she’s able to belt out. It reminds me a lot of the several “Marvin’s Room” tracks and will probably end up on the same play list.

While I’m excited for another Melanie album, the stand out star here is none other than Rico Love. The “turn the lights on” producer is making waves in the industry right now. He began with the oft underrated Michelle Williams, then on to her bandmates, and now he has his own record label (reportedly signing Teedra Moses). This track proves he has staying power and will be among the great Timbaland and Missy Elliot when it comes to producers. Watch out for him!

Check the track below:


“4 AM” -Melanie Fiona