Just one short year ago, Chris Brown was trying his best to pave a way back to the spot light. Fresh off the heels of his domestic violence blowout with Rihanna, Brown put out the commercially disappointing Graffiti. The album garnered a few Grammy nods, but did absolutely nothing for his career. At that point, I pretty much began to write him off as just another sad case of a child star who couldn’t handle fame.

That was until mid-March of this year when Brown put out his best album to date, F.A.M.E. The album’s first single “Dueces” proved to be a surefire hit straight out the gate spawning several remixes and becoming its own catch phrase.  Brown then released his rap debut with “Look at Me Now” which featured some of Hip-Hop greats Lil’ Wayne and Busta Rhymes. The train just kept on track with his third single “Yeah 3X” which was a dance hit that crossed genres and made us all dance.

The album features some great tracks like “No Bullshit”, “All Back”, and the Justin Beiber assisted “Next 2 You”. The album mixes songs you can shake a tail feather to and songs that will make you spend all night in the sheets perfectly which happens to be Brown’s m.o.

I love the album because it’s a true return to form and yet it shows some real growth from him. As an artist, he’s coming in to his own. For that, this is my tenth best album this year!

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