If you’ve ever read my blog before, you know I love Kelly Rowland! She has to be one of my favorite artists, ever. With that said, I had very high hopes for Here I Am, some might even say too high. That is, of course, because Kelly delayed the album a good three times before finally setting a date.

Her lead single “Motivation” featured Lil’ Wayne and went #1 on the R&B charts (it’s fair to note the song also did well on the Hot 100 chart topping at #3). She performed on Letterman and the BET Awards and everyone was all abuzzed. The album dropped to critical and commercial success, becoming the highest charted album of her solo career.

The album, much like its title, screamed to the world that Kelly Rowland was here to stay! Songs like “Work it Man”, “Lay it On Me”, and “Turn it Up” mixed Kelly’s crisp voice with some R&B/Dance beats. She also produced a dance track with “Down For Whatever” which was later released as a UK single.

I believe this album showed Kelly is much more than just a second verse or hook singer. She can really hold her own. I really want her to continue to experiment with mixing R&B/Dance as I feel it’s her niche. I’d also like her to fire her management team. The delays, the single choices, the hair…it’s just not screaming #1 just yet and she needs that to come back even stronger in 2012.