This choice breaks the rules just a tad bit. Technically, Wounded Rhymes, was never released. Well, if you only count US releases. Luckily, the technological age we live in allows me enjoy music from all over. Wounded Rhymes was released in March of this year and is the second album from Swedish sensation Lykke Li. If you’re like me, you only know of her because Drake sampled her on his first mixtape. That song (Lil Bit) is still the reason I love Drake.

But Lykke Li is much more than some obscure, featured artist. No, she’s a force to be reckoned with and she proves it time after time with this album. Beginning with the first single “I Follow Rivesrs”, Lykke delivers her mellow, haunted voice over an out of this world track. She follows this through and through with tracks like “Jerome”, “Love Out of Lust”, and “Rich Kids Blues”. What I love most about her are the lyrics and the tracks. I’m not sure what these people are smoking, but the tracks seem to bring together every single genre you can think of. The guitar riffs are stolen from the best Rock songs, the bass and treble are borrowed from the realest Hip-Hop track, and the synth is taken from the hottest dance track.

Because of her amazing lyrics, and ability to take the best of every genre, I think Lykke Li is one to watch. She’s so underrated. Her album explores what music can really be. This was a really great album that I’ll be playing for quite some time.

Just in case you’re not familiar with her style, here’s the lead single “I Follow Rivers”: