“That Rihanna reign just won’t let up” the Bajan beauty proclaimed on her hit single “So Hard”, two albums later and she seems to have spoken the truth. With her sixth offering, Talk That Talk, Rihanna proves once again why she’s one of the biggest names in the game right now. The first single “We Found Love” found its home atop the charts and has remained there since debuting a few weeks ago.

Talk That Talk is a well thought album that explores almost every emotion one could ever feel while in love. Each track stands alone as a specific feeling, while as a collective they tell a story of love, lust, and lost. With an array of tracks from dance hits like “Where Have You Been” and “You Da One” which are sure to keep the hips moving and the X popping (just joking about the X). She then goes on to some more urban beats with “Birthday Cake”, “Roc Me Out”, and “Talk That Talk” which features media mogul Jay-Z. Both songs will be great additions to the R&B dance clubs as they make me want to rock and grind all night!

It’s the power ballads that get me though:  “Drunk on Love”, “Farewell”, and “We All Want Love”. I love RiRi’s ability to pull off the all-elusive power ballad reminiscent of the 80’s (think of “Total Eclipse of the Heart”). It definitely doesn’t hurt that my favorite songwriter, Ester Dean, wrote most of them.

This was definitely one of the best albums of 2011. Keep em rocking Ri!