Her new calling card is “It’s Britney Bitch” and Femme Fatale is certainly reaffirms just that! With her third, post-crazy album, Britney brings that same pop style with a little R&B flair. Many thought Circus was just a fluke, I mean any pop icon can come out with one hit album but two? Not at all! The album is a triumph that puts all the naysayers to shame.

With production from some of the biggest names in the game (DarkChild, Star Gate, Dr. Luke, wil.i.am just to name a few) each track is better than the last. The album went on to be Britney’s 6th #1, making her the youngest female with the most #1 Albums. The girl just keeps on breaking records.

For me, this album was not only great because of the music. Of course, the music does help. The album is chocked full of dance hits like “Til the World Ends”, “Hold it Against Me”, and “I Wanna Go”. There are also some really cute mid tempo tracks like “Inside Out”, “Criminal”, and my personal favorite “Trip to Your Heart”.

But this album makes the top 3 of 2011 because it’s another plot point in one of the most amazing Hollywood stories we’ll ever get to know. Britney has been singing and dancing since she was a toddler, now at age 30 her career is still hot as ever. I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us.

Go Britney!!!