Over a year ago, Kanye West and Jay-Z announced that they’d be putting out a dual album. The track, “That’s My Bitch” featuring La Roux, leaked in the early stages of development and was a hit with listeners.  The second leak, “H.A.M.” was an all out hit and became the new anthem for everyone. The throne was officially being watched.

The two Hip-Hop megastars released “OTIS” as their lead single for Watch the Throne, which quickly became a hit. The album features Beyonce, Frank Ocean, and Mr. Hudson on some of the most amazing tracks I’ve heard in years! As far as I’m concerned, this album proves that Hip-Hop is here to stay.

I love how the two go back and forth, verse after verse, upping the anti each minute the track plays. The lyrics are hard knocking, socially conscious, and gritty all at the same time. The album really shows two rappers at their best and you can tell they consistently pushed each other throughout the recording sessions.

My favorite song is “Ni***s in Paris” where the two constantly use word play and even samples Will Ferrell! It’s just a great showcase of this art we call rap. News has it that the two are gearing up for a second dual album to be out by early 2013. I’m too excited!