If anyone was wondering whether or not Drake’s rise to the top was just a fluke, he’s shut you the hell up with his second offering Take Care. I was really nervous as to what I was going to hear as Drake has been outing out songs for two years straight. In doing that, can he have anything else to say? Apparently, he can.

I do find myself tossing back and forth the genre in which this album belongs. It’s by a rapper who sings R&B. Confused much? I am. But then I realize it doesn’t freaking matter! Drake’s album is a superb anecdote about love, relationships, and all the jump offs in between. Love songs like “Take Care” and “Doing it Wrong” are evenly paired with hood anthems like “Headlines” and “Motto”.

For me, this is the perfect album for almost anyone. You have some songs to dance to, some to sway to, and some to smoke to. Dashiki Drake, as one of my friends calls him, has done it again. There’s no questioning why he’s going platinum again.

Hats off to you sir!