This was one of my most anticipated albums of 2011. Why? Because of “Hope She Cheats On You” Marsha’s lead single. The song created a lot of buzz for the former Floetry singer and made her the one to watch in 2011.

With Late Nights & Early Mornings, Marsha proves she can stand on her own two feet. The second single, “Far Away”, garnered media attention with a controversial video in which gay man is beaten to death because of his sexuality. Marsha took it a step further in the third, album titled single in which two couples are showcased having sexual relations. One uses a condom, and the other doesn’t. The couple that doesn’t becomes HIV positive.

With the strong track listing and controversial visuals to match, Marsha doesn’t step too far away from her Floetry roots. She even does a cover of “Butterflies”, the song she and her former bandmate wrote for the late Michael Jackson.

I hear no flaws on the album. Each song is meticulously worked by her powerful voice with lyrics that make you think, fall in love, and pray his new girl is a slut. The album was a solid first effort and I look forward to many more from a solo Marsha.