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Review: Drake “Take Care”

Rap superstar Drake is back with his second studio album. It’s been really hard to miss him seeing that he’s released several viral hits and has been featured on  some of the biggest tracks since his debut album Thank Me Later.

Drake’s sophomore effort, Take Care, is an extension of the musical persona he has created since becoming the biggest Young Money artist to hit the airwaves. Each song cleverly blends his soft, soothing, raspy voice with some of the most poignant lyrics I’ve heard to date. Drake has the ability to make one reminisce about the past big rappers with his socially conscious rhymes while still sounding fresh and new.

Track after track, Drake seems to be in the middle of a therapy session that includes self discovery, friendship and relationship issues. The title track, “Take Care”, features the oft collaborated Rihanna and is just what the doctor ordered. The two make sure not to sound the exact same each time they record together. I get the sense that he’ll be on her next release and am anticipating yet another instant classic.

Drake’s most notable tracks are the heavy hitting intro “Over My Dead Body”, the soft “The Real Her” and both singles already released. All of the tracks blend R&B and Hip Hop perfectly. You can really just sit back, get a glass of Jack, and let the sounds take you on a journey.

I have two criticisms regarding this album. Firstly, the songs seem to sound a bit too similar after listening to them a few times. I found myself having to mention a line in the song to remember which one it was because they all sounded the same. This isn’t too much of an issue seeing that I love the sound of them, but I will definitely want more from him the next time around.

The second criticism is small but irked me more than anything else. At the end of “We’ll Be Fine” (Drake’s most “hood” offering) Birdman comes on to do some sort of interlude just yelling “this that Uptown gangsta shit!” “Take care of the business Nigga” “Give this Niggas the business Niggas” for nearly 45 seconds! It disappointed me more than anything else. Drake is not a gangsta or thug and I love him for it. So this random rant full of expletives for no apparent reason just screams “PLEASE GIVE ME STREET CRED!” You already have it Drake! Most hood dudes give you respect because you get them laid! Stay in ya lane boo!

In closing, this is definitely a great follow up to Thank Me Now and I’m sure he can come out with any of these songs and find himself on the top of the charts yet again. Case in point his song “Practice” is literally a remake of “Back That Ass Up” which sounds horrible. Yet, it will probably make any girl (and some boys) slowly grind their asses on something. OK! Drake definitely has another hit on his hands!

Check out my favorite three tracks here:

Take Care ft. Rihanna

Over My Dead Body



Today is the debut of Ms. Kelly Rowlands’ third solo album “Here I Am”. Let me make a disclaimer: I am a Kelly fan!! Like I huge Kelly Fan! But my love for journalism requires that I be impartial. So let me begin….It’s been four years since Kelly’s last effort: Ms. Kelly. Her second album featured hit singles “Like This” and “Ghetto” but failed to be commercially successful. The failure seemed a distant past when 2009 came around and Kelly not only released Matthew Knowles as her manager but she also released the #1 smash hit “When Love Takes Over”. The single garnered her and David Guetta a Grammy (her second) and made her a dance floor staple.

With her newest album, Kelly returns to her R&B roots and gives some pulsating beats to your stereo. Here I Am, like the title suggests, is a statement of independence, self love, and all around fierceness! Ms. Kelly is not at all playing games with this album. She starts off with the heavy-hitting “I’m Dat Chick”. The lyrics and production are simply on fire! I love her voice on this! Kelly goes on to let everyone know what kind of man she’d fall for on the Lil Playy assisted “Work it Man”.

Kelly continues with the hits with tracks like “Feeling Me Right Now”, “Down for Whatever”, and of course “Motivation”. Kelly seems to be racking the hits up…that is, until “Keep it Between Us” starts to play. Much like “Love” on Ms. Kelly, the song is just a big miss. It proves that Kelly just doesn’t do well with straight ballads. Her strengths definitely lie in the dance and midtempo tracks. Kelly also missteps with placing “Commander” on the album. The song has been out for over a year! Other tracks like “On & On”, to mention my favorite, could have been in its place.

One of my standout tracks for me have to be the sexy “All of the Night” featuring her main song writer Rico Love. The track is fire and the lyrics make me want to do all kinds of nasty things! Example: “In the middle of the bedroom, the kitchen or the hallway/ just give me a lot of leg room, and a little bit of foreplay”. Also, I had no idea Rico Love could actually rap! He turned me on like Donkey Kong! OKAAAY?

Check it out here:

My second favorite tack is the upbeat “Turn it Up” which tells the story of my life! Instead of telling his main chick that you’re the other chick and airing all his business out in public…I’ll just drink my anger away! I totally get this! Why care? You’re a two timing dog and it’s not going to change anytime soon, so I’d rather just get drunk!

Check it out here:

All in all, Here I Am is a magnificent album from one of the most underestimated artist this year! I’d definitely go out and buy this vs. just downloading it. Kelly is officially here!

Beyonce’s latest album, 4, leaked last week. Since then I’ve been playing it non stop. Why? Because I really wanted to give an honest review of her music. Too often I post after hearing a song for the first time, I like the brut honesty this usually gives; however, sometimes I find myself wishing I hadn’t sad anything bad about the song because it has caught my attention. This almost never happens when it comes to Beyonce because she is one of my “hate it or love it” artists. Either I hate her, or love her.

Since the album leaked, I’ve debated whether or not to give just a simple all-inclusive, recap of the songs are go song by song. I’ve decided against the latter since it would simply take too much time. If you disagree, let me know. But for now, here it goes:

I have one simple question for this album: WHERE THE HELL IS SASHA? Yup. That’s it. That’s the only question I have. My biggest disclaimer today will be: I actually LOVE this album. Yet I find myself let down by the lack of dance and anthem tracks Beyonce has become famous for. Song after song showcases her gorgeously talented voice which is paired with some of the most awesome lyrics I’ve heard to date. The writing team is becoming more and more stellar each and every album and her vocals stay strong with each offering.

I have so many favorites on this album it’s hard to choose. I love her amazing vocals on “I Miss You” that includes her singing in a lower key as the background. It’s really bone chilling to hear her and then you listen to the lyrics and it’s just beautiful. “I Care” is just another amazing song with Beyonce singing her heart out, letting the guy in her life know that even if he doesn’t care about her feelings…she fucking does! Beyonce then comes out swinging with some mid tempo tracks such as “Love on Top” and “Countdown”. And don’t get me started on “Start Over” which has to be my favorite, hand down.

Beyonce doesn’t get out without any missteps. To me, she completely flubbed on two songs on the album which are ‘Rather Die Young” and “I Was Here”. Both songs lack the lyrical content and vocal prowess of the others. To me, “I Was Here” is particularly annoying because it comes off completed self-serving. We get it, you’re a living legend at this point, so what! It just rubbed me the wrong way right off the bat.

Again, a solid album by one of the greatest performers of our generation. I find the album anticlimatic as there are almost no real dance tracks. I can’t see myself dancing to any of these tracks in the club, which is a HUGE let down for me. I want my Beyonce in the club, half naked, dancing on some random guy wile I’m drunk as shit. Simple as that. I’m scared to think this is what Beyonce is going to be giving me now. Is she already headed to the “I’m a legend” stage? Where all she does is sing ballads or mid tempo songs? I don’t want that yet! I want her int he club right this second!

Check out my favorite tracks here:

“I Care”