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The one and only Kim Kardashian debuted her laughably bad single the other day. Since then, all I could think of were all the non singers that were so much better! Namely, I thought of Kim’s wold-be counterpart, none other than Paris Hilton!! Please tell me who haven’t forgotten her music career! If you have, it’s ok, I did too.

But thanks to good ole Kimmy Kim, I remembered Paris had put out an album during her 15 minutes of fame. Back in 2006, Paris’ career was white hot and she released her debut album appropriately entitled Paris. Boy, that girl was so smart! Say what you want, but whenever you say Paris, someone is bound to question whether or not you’re talking about the city or the person. All based off her being…HER! Who the hell else can say that?

The funnies part about the album? Well, that it was taken seriously of course! It debuted at #6 on the charts and went on to sell 2.3 Million records worldwide! Bet your bottom dollar Kim won’t be selling the same. Paris’ catchy tunes were a hit right with the first single, “Stars are Blind”. That raggae-like track and her soft vocals were simply awesome together. I fund myself drinking the kool-aid that every Paris fan did! And what about that video? Her basically naked sashaying the beach with an equally naked male model? Sign me up!

Paris refused to be a one-hit wonder, a la Kim Zolziack, and released a second single to promote the album. “Nothing in this World” took to a more pop sound than her first single. The track was definitely something I can still see myself dancing to (drunkenly of course). The chorus was so catchy and the lyrics were just fun! With the video, Paris took an atypical approach. Instead of her being half naked in a club, she was half naked in the window of a socially awkward kid. She turned the video into a “Dare to Dream” PSA. Again, genius!

*sigh* I miss Paris. At least she tried! She didn’t sound like she was about to kill herself if someone made her sing another note. Her videos were fun and flirty, and ultimately PARIS! She needs to have a sophomore album pronto!

P.S. Kim, I love that you’re famous for absolutely nothing. But I hate you for singing. That is all.


In 2002, Ashanti became the breakout star of the Murder Inc. crew with her debut single “Foolish”. I’m not sure if it was the Biggie track, the catchy lyrics, or the video but the song took off like a rocket and catapulted Ashanti into the spotlight. Ashanti’s self-titled debut went on to sale 503,000 copies in its first week, making it the top selling debut album for a new female artist of all time. That’s right ALL TIME. Who would have thought?

Ashantis’ sophomore offering, Chapter II, also debuted at number 1 and sold over 300,000 copies it’s first week. That album had two top ten singles, “Rock Wit U” and “Rain On Me” not to mention some critically and commercially acclaimed videos. Her third album, Concrete Rose, became her third platinum selling album as it debuted at Number 3. With 3 albums under her belt, Ashanti could do no wrong. Well, we were wrong.

It all went downhill in 2004, when Ashanti released her fourth album The Declaration. The album became her lowest selling album, only selling 86,000 copies in its first week. It was also the time where she decided to part ways with Murder Inc. This was after they went through multiple investigations for money laundering and mob ties. Ashanti released three singles off the album, but only one reached the heights of her former discs. Even still, that song was panned thanks to a risque video in which she kills her boyfriend for cheating.

Ashanti has yet to bounce back from that defeat. She’s completely left Murder, Inc. and is said to be in the studio now; however, she isn’t relevant to today’s audience. She’s failed to remain in the media throughout this little hiatus of hers. I’m sure little 14 year olds have no idea who she is. The worst of all of this is her ex beau, Nelly, almost refuses to admit they were ever together (even though they were for damn near 5 years!). How embarrassing! Well, I hope Ashanti can bring it back, because I’m not going to lie…I was getting it to all of her singles lol

Remember the days:

Sigh. With the release of Basic Instinct, it is safe to say Ciara’s singing career is officially over. Ciara was THE breakout artist of the “crunk” movement with her “Goodies” single. EVERYONE wanted to be her! She had Lil Jon’ and Jazze Pha backing her up and she wore jeans over her swimsuit! She was tha shit! Ciara kept it coming with songs like “Oh” and “1,2 Step” establishing herself as the new Aaliyah.

Ciara then hooked up with Rap’s darling, Bow Wow, and a love puppy power couple was born. They even covered VIBE magazine talking about their love. They even came out with a song together to seal their fate. Of course, only a few months afterward, she was single again. Fresh off the heels of that ending, Ciara released The Evolution and became the princess of R&B. The albums first single, “Promise”, instantly shot to number 1 on every music video countdown. This was mainly due to her moves in the video! The girl has a greta body and she nows how to move it. Not to mention a pair of 9″ heels! Ciara followed the single up with “Can’t Leave ‘Em Alone” and “Like a Boy” both of which were bonafide hits. It seemed that Ciara could do no wrong.

Then Ciara moved to Los Angeles and signed a six figure deal with Ford Models. She was now going to conquer the world of modeling, and why wouldn’t she? She has a great face, hot body, and looks great in pictorials. Yet the paparazzi caught her hanging out with Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and almost every other girl in the socialite/trash set. So when she released the single “Go Girl” no one took her serious. How could you? She’s not a singer anymore, she’s a socialite. Did anyone ever take Paris seriously? No.

Things continued to go down hill for Ciara, with releasing the critical and commercial failure “Fantasy Ride”. The girl just had horrible PR and no one gave one damn about her. Her career was looking up when she released a video on Twitter for the snippet “Basic Instinct (U Got Me)” and she was seemingly on her way to a come back. The first single off her new album, “Ride”, was a sleeper hit and the video was so raunchy BET reportedly banned it. She was back right? According to album sales, HELL NO! Her album, Basic Instinct, debuted at #11 and in just 4 short weeks has fallen to #30. Welp, guess we can just remember when she was tight. *plays Promise over and over again*