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O gosh. So, Melody Thornton needs attention. There is no other way to explain this video she just promoted of her singing all the hottest new songs. Songs include “Born This Way”, “Firework”, and “All of the Lights”. Word is little Miss Melody is none too please by her former bandmate Nicole getting all the solo attention. You could always tell the two never really got along which is why the desbandment of the group didn’t come as a shock to anyone.

Unlike the other Dolls, Melody could actually sing. Therefore, she really does have something to be mad about. If you heard their final album, you know it was nothing more than Nicole and her backup singers sans the random Christina Aguilera-esque note Melody would scream after the bridge. The problem was Melody’s voice was just as good as Nicole’s but it seemed like no one really cared.

Anyway, Melody would like to make that even more clear here. I’m sorry but this video just screams desperation. Look at me! Look at me! I can oversing all of the songs you actually like. Whoopdy Doo Melanie! So can a bunch of other girls. The fact is, you need to come with some new original stuff that I like in order for me to care. you being able to sing means almost nothing. Get back in the studio and battle with Nicole there. Right now she’s clearly WINNING!

Check out the video below:


American Idol alum Jordin Sparks is readying her second album, due out this summer. Songs are beginning to leak from her new sessions. This track, “The World I Knew” is the first full leak, but snippets have been coming out for some time now. The young, pro-abstinent singer is hoping for the same numbers as her debut. The album didn’t do tremendously well, but as far as AI alum are concerned, it was one of the better commercial efforts. She also scored a #1 hit with the Chris Brown assisted “No Air”.

Let me be downright honest. If she’s expecting the same results as the last go round, she needs to ditch this Disney shit. This song, at its best, would be featured on some random new Disney movie…and not even one with Pixar! The song is boring as shit. I literally almost went back to sleep listening to it. There is absolutely nothing to this song that makes me want to listen to it again. It’s pop gone all wrong!

Jordin, you’re a cut, busty girl. Figure that shit out! You need some club bumping type music. Not this watered down shit. Even if you’re going to go the ballad route, do it a la J Hud or something. Not a la Cinderella meets BORING. I’m extremely disappointed in this. I expect more from an actual singer. Uugh. Retry.

Check out the song for yourself here:

It was only a matter of time before some random rapper used the Charlie Sheen mayhem to make a song. It just had to be has-been Chamillionaire. Remember him? O, don’t worry, I forgot him too. He’s the definition of a one hit wonder. “Ridin’ Dirty” was the only solo song that anyone cared about. The fact that he looked like the Geico gecko only made it worse.

Here are some awesome (read: ridiculous) lines from this song:

“I told her choke on these balls, and I don’t know the heimlich”

“Y’all ain’t checking into no where, y’all stay logged on to poor square”

“You ain’t really winning homie, you just good at saying it”

“You never been about real bread, you ain’t a baker. You don’t get rich for one woman, I ain’t a quaker”

“All these boys my little sons” PAUSE

This shit is quite hilarious. I couldn’t help but think this was a cruel joke, maybe an SNL skit? Chamillionaire, please stop. I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

Check this shit out below: